Get to know our origins, mission, and current projects.


CuriositySquare was founded by university students who are alumni of Islamic high schools in Ottawa.

We realized that disparities exist between Muslim student and others in terms of access to educational opportunities throughout their high school years. Spaces like labs, studios, and more are required to inspire curiosity, creativity, and innovation in the ever-growing Muslim community.

We therefore wanted to not only fill that gap, but go beyond.


Our mission is to forge a third space between school and home where learning happens in an explorative, non-evaluative setting.

We want to give students the opportunity to explore and create cool things in a collaborative environment, all while developing valuable skills along the way. From digital arts to astronomy, robotics to journalism, there's something for everyone.


Activities are our flagship events that focus on exploring a specific question or creating a final product. The goal is to promote a problem solving-based approach to learning, where tools and skills are developed in tandem with their applications. Attendees are invited to a workshop where they engage in a hands-on project and collaborate with one another as they learn together under the guidance of a mentor.